Welcome to Shining Light Kids!

"We exist to teach God's Word to your children in a safe and fun environment!"

We have an awesome team for kids of every age! 

Superkids Academy is our kids program designed for kids in elementary school.

Superkids Academy is a fun environment where your kid(s) will experience live worship, interactive lessons, and a whole bunch of fun. Our church property has a playground, soccer field, and basketball court. All of which are made available for your kid(s) to enjoy.

The SLC Nursery is a safe space where you or one of our trusted volunteers is there to take care of any of your infant's needs.

It is located in the back of our sanctuary behind a soundproof barrier where you can be a part of the service while still taking care of your little one.  


New To SLC

We want to make you child's first time at church special. If you'd like, we recommend that you fill out a quick form. That way we will know the specific needs of your family, so we can take care of your kids the best. Can't wait to see you and your family at church!

Kids Church Form

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Age Group*

What class will your child be attending?

Come early

Don't be stressed about making it to service on time! Be sure to come early to give yourself plenty of time to meet the team, drop your kids off, and grab a cup of coffee before heading into the sanctuary. 

Special Requirements?

Does your child require special attention? Including but not limited to:

  • Food allergies

  • Learning disabilities 

  • Circumstances at home

Reach out! We'd love to connect to see how we can serve your children the best. The online form under the "New to SLC" tab is the easiest way to let us know. 

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