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God has called us to serve generously. We do this when we respond to God by supporting the needs of the church, community and world—when we serve others and share our time, talents and finances. We do this when we pray for people, show love, and live each day with God's wisdom. We do this by celebrating what God is doing—in our church and in the lives of others.

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We’re passionate about reaching people for Christ— But we can't do it without you. We would love to partner together to reach our community. Click the button below to find a team and partner with us as we shine God's love.

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Groups are an awesome opportunity for you to build intimate relationships with your church family and meet new people. Groups also provide environments for you to learn more about God and His word in a smaller setting. You can also find groups that are just for fun. Whether it's you and your group sharing a similar interest, wanting to learn, or just hanging out, click the link below to find a group that best suits you.

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